Costa Rica Green Airways Offers Premium Domestic Flights In Costa Rica

We provide the highest quality service in the country; from the moment you make your reservation until the moment you land. In all our flights you will have the experience of flying under the strictest safety standards.

Our fleet is composed of different aircraft such as the Daher Kodiak, Britten Norman Islander, and Cessna Caravan, combined with the best trained pilots and co-pilots, will create an extraordinary experience. Come and visit the happiest, cleanest, greenest, healthiest, and most sustainable country in the world, flying the unique experience of our airline.

Argus Gold Certification for high quality service

The Argus ratings represent the highest level of quality in aviation. The Argus certification demonstrates adherence to an internationally recognized standard, in-depth historical safety, pilot background check & aircraft operational control validation as well as an Argus on-site audit.

Costa Rica Green Airways is proud to have obtained and currently hold the Gold Argus Certification as only domestic airline of Costa Rica.

The Green Story

We are a Costa Rican family business that started as part of our genuine passion for the air. Flying makes us happy and we want to share our happiness with you. We believe there is a different way to fly; therefore, we created Costa Rica Green Airways, with the mission of providing excellent service while we take you where you want to go, in the safest way.

We are passionate about achieving this and we want you to come fly with us and enjoy the Costa Rica Green Airways experience.

We want you to experience the magic of Costa Rica on each one of our flights. The principles of safety, transparency in communication and exceptional service are very important to us because we want you to get off our planes with a smile.

We love Costa Rica, the green, surfing, yoga, nature, smiles, airplanes, each one of our clients.

we want you to be part of this passion!


How We Started

My dad (Everardo Carmona, we both carry the same name) followed his passion for aviation from a very young age and became a flight instructor in 1979, then created his aviation school (ECDEA) in 1993 and together we founded CarmonAir Charterin 2009.

With nearly 10 years of experience flying Costa Rican airspace, we felt it was time to create the first Costa Rican domestic airline, so we united our passion for flying safely, extraordinary service, and our love for nature to create Costa Rica Green Airways.

We started operations in November 2018 with a Britten Norman Islander, (twin-engine) in May 2020 we included to our fleet a Daher Kodiak 100 Turbo-Prob. In 2021 we included two Cessna Caravan EX.

Additionally, we have a Beechcraft King Air F-90 dedicated to executive flights .

All our aircrafts were carefully selected to fly the safest way in the Costa Rican airspace, in addition, the best, most friendly, and trained group of pilots, along with the best service to make your flight one of your best experiences in Costa Rica.

Our Green commitment to sustainability

We love Costa Rica, We love Nature

Costa Rica Green Airways is a local community leader, committed to environmental stewardship, improving quality of life, and protecting nature.

We are committed to improving the conditions for preserving and protecting our natural resources while maintaining social and economic productivity. Through proactive education and our business reach, we aim to:

Develop and transfer knowledge, increase awareness, also promote long-term learning about the best practices of sustainability for the benefit not only of the Costa Rican community, but also of the global community.

Establish best practices for the reuse of aviation by-products, such as oil. Currently, the oil is added to the airplanes from a drum instead of quart plastic bottles, and after it is used, it is collected to be reused in industrial processes.

Maintain our Carbon Neutrality in all our flights and operations.

Plant a seed of endemic trees (including the Guanacaste Tree) around the Bongo and Aria rivers in Costa Rica, for each passenger who flies with us.

Consistently implement, monitor, evaluate and improve our processes, renewing our environmental commitment in line with the needs of rapid global changes.

Keep our alliances strengthened to organize and cover beach cleaning and protection of nature.

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