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Discover the Hidden Gem of Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula

Nestled on the southeastern shores of Costa Rica, Puerto Jimenez is a serene gateway to the awe-inspiring wonders of the Osa Peninsula. This charming town, once a bustling gold mining hub, has transformed into the heart of ecotourism in the region. Its proximity to the pristine rainforests, unspoiled beaches, and the astounding biodiversity of Corcovado National Park makes it a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

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San José (SJO) - Puerto Jimenez (PJM)

Puerto Jimenez (PJM) - San José (SJO)

Costa Rica Green Airways is excited to introduce Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica (PJM), as its newest destination. This route connects the vibrant, cosmopolitan life of San José with the tranquil, untouched natural beauty of the Osa Peninsula. Our daily flights make the wonders of Puerto Jimenez just a short, scenic flight away.

Upon your arrival, immerse yourself in the charm of this small town by exploring its streets with local taxis, or for a more intimate experience of the area, consider renting a bike. We also provide recommendations for trusted drivers and rental services to ensure your travels are seamless and enjoyable.


Things to know about Puerto Jimenez

Puerto Jimenez serves as a gateway to an unparalleled adventure. As you step into this town, you’re greeted by a harmonious blend of local culture and the lush wonders of the Osa Peninsula. It stands as the access point to the Corcovado National Park, famously known as the “Amazon of Costa Rica”. This national park is a mega-hub for biodiversity, boasting some of the most varied and dense wildlife populations in the country. Imagine walking through its paths and coming across a myriad of creatures from howling monkeys to the stealthy jaguars, all coexisting in a vibrant ecosystem.

Beyond its ecological wonders, Puerto Jimenez maintains its quaint charm through its colorful streets, friendly locals, and a palpable sense of community. Here, the pace of life slows, allowing visitors to truly connect with nature and local traditions.

Did you know that Puerto Jimenez is an Eco-Conscious Traveler's Dream?

Puerto Jimenez and the Osa Peninsula are not just travel destinations; they are living examples of sustainable tourism and environmental stewardship.

Puerto Jimenez2

Through the joint efforts of local communities, NGOs, and conservationists, this region has become a global model for sustainable development. Initiatives like Osa Conservation have been instrumental in protecting the diverse wildlife and ecosystems of the area. They actively engage in wildlife monitoring, habitat restoration, and sustainable agriculture projects. The Corcovado Foundation champions community involvement in conservation, leading initiatives in environmental education, and sustainable tourism practices.

Aventuras Tropicales Golfo Dulce, an ecotourism company, offers responsibly managed tours that respect the marine life and fragile ecosystems of the gulf. These organizations, alongside many others, ensure that your visit contributes to the preservation and appreciation of this unique environment.

Wildlife and Biodiversity of Puerto Jimenez

Puerto Jimenez is a microcosm of Costa Rica’s renowned biodiversity. The region teems with an array of wildlife, each species adding to the rich tapestry of the rainforest. Corcovado National Park, a short journey from the town, is a biological treasure. It houses over 400 species of birds, 140 mammals, and countless amphibians and reptiles, not to mention a staggering array of insects and plant life. 

Nature walks here are not just walks; they are immersive experiences where every turn offers a potential encounter with creatures like the endangered Baird’s Tapir, groups of White-faced Capuchins, or a symphony of bird songs ranging from the melodic calls of the Tinamou to the striking plumage of the Scarlet Macaws. 

Puerto Jimenez

Nearby Destinations from Puerto Jimenez Airport

Corcovado National Park Entrance (La Leona)

Approximately 1 hour by car, this entrance serves as your gateway into one of the world’s most biodiverse habitats.

Matapalo Surf Break

A 30-minute journey will take you to Matapalo, known for its world-class surf breaks and captivating natural beauty.

Golfo Dulce

A mere 45-minute boat ride away lies Golfo Dulce, a serene gulf ideal for peaceful kayaking, paddleboarding, and witnessing the playful dolphins. 

Cabo Matapalo

Situated about 45 minutes by car from Puerto Jimenez, Cabo Matapalo is renowned for its picturesque beaches, exceptional surfing spots, and opportunities for wildlife sightings. 

Activities and Adventures in Puerto Jimenez

The variety of activities in Puerto Jimenez caters to all tastes and interests. Nature enthusiasts can embark on guided hikes through the dense rainforest of Corcovado National Park, where the symphony of wildlife creates a truly immersive experience. Bird-watchers will find themselves in a paradise with an opportunity to spot some of the rarest and most colorful birds in the world. For those seeking a marine adventure, whale-watching tours offer a chance to witness the majestic humpback whales during their migration, while the clear waters around Caño Island provide perfect conditions for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Anglers can take to the seas for an exciting day of sport fishing, targeting a variety of game fish.

Colorful red eyed tree frog in Costa Rica

For a more tranquil experience, numerous yoga retreats offer a chance to rejuvenate amidst the natural beauty of the peninsula. Surfing enthusiasts, from beginners to experts, can ride the waves at the renowned beaches of Matapalo. Additionally, the rich biodiversity of the region makes it an ideal spot for wildlife photography, offering endless opportunities to capture the essence of Costa Rica’s natural beauty.

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