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Discover the Pristine Beauty of Nosara​

Welcome to Nosara, a hidden gem nestled along the stunning Pacific coastline of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. Known for its laid-back atmosphere, unspoiled beaches, and commitment to environmental preservation, Nosara is a sanctuary for those seeking a blend of serenity and adventure.

This idyllic destination, with its pristine shorelines and vibrant jungle backdrop, offers a unique escape into a world where nature and mindful living coexist. 

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Nosara (NOB) - Liberia (LIR)

Liberia (LIR) - Nosara (NOB)

Nosara, Costa Rica (NOB), is the newest jewel in Costa Rica Green Airways‘ crown, connecting the diverse cityscape of Liberia to the tranquil shores of Nosara. Our scheduled flights, operating, daily, are designed to transport you seamlessly from the hustle and bustle of city life to the peaceful embrace of the ocean.

Upon landing, experience Nosara’s charm first hand – either by renting a bike to cruise along its scenic routes or by hopping into a local taxi. For a personalized travel experience, we can recommend trusted local transportation services to help you explore the area. 


Things to know about Nosara

Nosara stands out as a unique coastal town that harmoniously blends outdoor adventure with a strong commitment to conservation and wellness. This town is not just a destination; it’s a lifestyle, embracing sustainable tourism, yoga retreats, and a vibrant community that values the protection of its natural surroundings.

The beaches of Nosara, including the famous Playa Guiones, are renowned for their untouched beauty, consistent surf breaks, and efforts to maintain a balance with nature. This area is also part of the Ostional Wildlife Refuge, a critical nesting site for Olive Ridley sea turtles, demonstrating the community’s dedication to wildlife conservation. 

Did you know that Nosara is a Pioneer in Sustainable Living?

Nosara sets a benchmark for sustainable and responsible tourism. The town is home to several initiatives and organizations dedicated to preserving its natural beauty and promoting environmental awareness. 


The Nosara Civic Association plays a pivotal role in land conservation and community development, while initiatives like the Nosara Recycling Center and the Refuge for Wildlife focus on waste management and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. These efforts, combined with local businesses’ commitment to eco-friendly practices, make Nosara an exemplary model of how tourism and sustainability can thrive together. 

Natural Wonders and Outdoor Activities in Nosara

Nosara’s pristine natural environment offers a playground for a diverse range of activities. The town is a surfer’s paradise, with Playa Guiones offering some of the most consistent and inviting surf breaks in Costa Rica. Beyond the waves, Nosara is a haven for yoga enthusiasts, with numerous yoga studios and retreats set amidst its tranquil natural setting. Nature trails and guided tours through the lush landscapes provide opportunities for wildlife spotting and bird-watching, with the area being home to a variety of exotic birds and animals.

For those seeking adventure, Nosara offers horseback riding along its scenic beaches, zip-lining through the canopies, and stand-up paddleboarding in its tranquil waters. The Nosara River, with its mangrove-lined banks, is perfect for kayaking or a guided boat tour, offering a serene way to explore the area’s rich biodiversity. 

Blue tanager seen in Costa Rica

Nearby Destinations from Nosara Airport

Ostional Wildlife Refuge

Just a short drive north, this refuge is crucial for the survival of Olive Ridley sea turtles, especially during the arribada, their mass nesting phenomenon.

Samara Beach

Approximately 40 minutes by car, Samara is a picturesque and more bustling beach town, offering a variety of dining and shopping options.

Garza Bay

A 20-minute journey south, Garza Bay is a quieter fishing village, ideal for those seeking a more authentic and tranquil Costa Rican beach experience.

Montaña River Waterfall

Located around 30 minutes from Nosara, this hidden gem offers a refreshing swim in its natural pool.

Where to Stay? Our Top Accommodation Picks!

For the Eco-Conscious and Wellness Enthusiasts

A sustainable and holistic retreat, offering yoga classes, a healing arts spa, and an organic restaurant. 

Perfect for those seeking a wellness-focused stay, with yoga classes, a saltwater pool, and nutritious dining options. 

Combines comfort with sustainability, featuring a yoga studio, wellness spa, and proximity to the beach.

For Families and Groups Seeking Comfort and Convenience

Offers spacious accommodations, a pool, and is family-friendly, located close to the beach.

Ideal for larger groups or families, offering private villas with kitchens, within walking distance of the beach. 

A boutique hotel that provides easy beach access, a pool, and family-friendly amenities.

For Luxury and Unforgettable Experiences

Stylish and upscale, this hotel offers luxury accommodations, a rooftop lounge, and a custom-designed pool.

An exclusive retreat offering breathtaking views, gourmet dining, and personalized service.

Located on a private nature reserve, it offers luxury, sustainability, and stunning views of both the ocean and the estuary.

For the Adventure Seekers and Surfers

Tailored for surf enthusiasts, providing surf lessons and a relaxed atmosphere.

A high-end surf coaching resort, perfect for those serious about improving their surfing skills in style.

Offers comfortable accommodations along with professional surf instruction and eco-friendly practices.

For the Eco-Conscious and Wellness Enthusiasts

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We are now flying to Cobano Airport (CO1), previously Tambor Airport (TMU)!

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