We are changing our destination within the Nicoya Peninsula, substituting Tambor.

Reduce Traffic Hassles: Choose Costa Rica Green Airways During Tempisque Bridge Maintenance. Connect to Cóbano & Nosara.

Avoid Traffic Headaches with a Simple Solution

The Tempisque Bridge maintenance, along with the closure of the La Amistad Bridge from April 1st to July 24th, has created uncertainty for travelers who rely on the roads. If you’re heading to destinations like Cóbano, Liberia, or Nosara, Costa Rica Green Airways offers a convenient alternative to long and frustrating road travel. Our direct flights from San José and Liberia connect you quickly and efficiently with your destination.

San José to Cóbano: Gateway to Santa Teresa, Montezuma, and Mal País

Driving from San José to Cóbano can take upwards of six hours, depending on traffic and bridge delays. Costa Rica Green Airways reduces that time to a seamless flight of less than an hour. Upon arrival in Cóbano, you’re just a short journey away from Santa Teresa’s surf, Montezuma’s waterfalls, and Mal País’s natural beauty.

Flight Schedule & Rates:

Flight Schedule from San José (SJO) to Cóbano (AOC)

Liberia to Nosara: Linking the North Pacific’s Hidden Gems

While road travel from Liberia to Nosara can take three to four hours, Costa Rica Green Airways connects you by air in under an hour. Avoid road construction and unpredictable traffic, and immerse yourself directly in Nosara’s beautiful beaches, yoga retreats, and surf camps.

Flight Schedule & Rates:

Flight Schedule: Liberia (LIR) to Nosara (NOB)

Enhanced Connectivity and Comfort

Our fleet of Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft is perfectly suited to deliver safe and comfortable flights across Costa Rica’s breathtaking landscapes. With modern amenities and efficient boarding processes, Costa Rica Green Airways ensures a seamless travel experience for all passengers.

Securing Your Stress-Free Journey

Don’t let the Tempisque Bridge maintenance impact your travel plans. Choose Costa Rica Green Airways for a smooth, reliable alternative that gets you where you need to go without hassle. Our team is ready to help with any questions, ensuring a convenient booking process and a worry-free journey.

Book your flight today and set off on your Costa Rican adventure with Costa Rica Green Airways!

Important Change:

We are now flying to Cobano Airport (CO1), previously Tambor Airport (TMU)!

Starting November 15th, all flights previously booked to Tambor Airport will land at the new Cóbano Airport, now connecting our passengers even faster to the destinations of Montezuma, Mal País and Santa Teresa.