Passengers must attach an identification tag to their baggage, containing true and current information, prior to baggage check-in. Thereafter, Costa Rica Green Airways will be responsible for the passenger’s baggage. Costa Rica Green Airways will provide the Passenger with a baggage registration voucher, certifying that it has been checked in, which the Passenger must keep until they have collected their baggage.


Objects that endanger the aircraft, people or equipment on board, such as those specified in the Dangerous Goods Regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), will not be allowed to be transported in the cargo hold or in on-board lockers and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which includes, but is not limited to, gas cylinders, flammable liquids and solids, poisons, radioactive material, corrosives, firearms and explosives. This is unless there is an express consent from Costa Rica Green Airways. For more information on dangerous goods, please refer to our regulations.

If you have any questions about what items you may carry on the aircraft or baggage check-in for carriage in the cargo hold, or where specific items should be transported, please contact us prior to your trip or visit the customer service desk when you arrive at the airport.


For security reasons, we require that you allow us to search, X-ray, or scan your luggage, and your luggage may be searched or may have been searched in your absence if you are not available (even if that means opening the luggage locks) , with the assistance of the competent authorities, to determine if you have any item described in our policy.

If you are unwilling to comply with the requirement, we may refuse to transport you or your baggage, without refund or any other liability. If you are injured while being searched, scanned, or if the X-ray or scanner damages your baggage, we will not be liable unless the injury or damage was caused by our fault or negligence.

If necessary, you must be present during the inspection of your carry-on or checked baggage by customs agents or other government officials. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from your failure to comply with this requirement, unless caused by our negligence.


All available fares allow for one piece of checked baggage. The weight allowance of this baggage varies according to the fare purchased.

All fares allow Passengers to check in more than one baggage item, paying a surcharge per item. The surcharge rate can be consulted through any of our customer service channels. Each pound over the weight limit will have an additional cost which can be consulted through any of our customer service channels.

The allowable number of items and pounds over the limit will be subject to the overall weight and space availability of the flight.

If the Passenger wishes to check more than one item of baggage, the maximum allowance is 60 pounds per Passenger, and is subject to the corresponding surcharge. Costa Rica Green Airways has the right to refuse carriage of all or part of any baggage in excess of this provision or for which an excess baggage charge has not been paid.


Premium PRE 50 lb / ̴ 20 Kg 10 lb / ̴ 4.5 Kg
Standard STD 40 lb / ̴ 18 Kg 10 lb / ̴ 4.5 Kg
New Start NST 35 lb / ̴ 15.8 Kg 10 lb / ̴ 4.5 Kg
Super Saver SSF 30 lb / ̴ 13.6 Kg 10 lb / ̴ 4.5 Kg


Business BUS 50 lb / ̴ 20 Kg 10 lb / ̴ 4.5 Kg
Economy ECO 40 lb / ̴ 18 Kg 10 lb / ̴ 4.5 Kg


Each Passenger may only carry one carry-on item up to 10 pounds.

Costa Rica Green Airways reserves the right to cancel a reservation and deny boarding to those Passengers who do not comply with the carry-on baggage requirements specified above.

Items (including musical instruments or similar) that do not meet the size requirements for carry-on baggage will not be accepted for carriage in the passenger’s cabin unless the Passenger has purchased an additional Ticket for the items.

The following items may not be transported as carry-on baggage:

  • Pistols, firearms and other devices that discharge projectiles (including all types of firearms such as pistols, rifles or shotguns, toy guns, imitation firearms, firearm components, telescopic sights, compressed air and CO2, flare and incendiary guns, bows, crossbows and arrows, harpoons, slingshots and catapults).
  • Devices specifically designed to stun or immobilize (including stun guns, tasers and stun batons, animal killing or stunning devices, chemicals, incapacitating gases and aerosols, such as tear gas, acid sprays and animal repellents).
  • Items that have a sharp point or edge (including axes, cleavers, ice axes and ice picks, knives with blades longer than 6 cm, open razors, scalpels, ski and hiking poles, scissors with blades longer than 6 cm, sharp or pointed martial arts equipment, swords and cutlasses).
  • Blunt instruments (such as baseball and softball bats, sticks, batons and martial arts equipment).
  • Explosives, incendiary substances and devices (such as ammunition, explosives, detonators and fuses, replicas or imitations of explosive devices, mines, grenades and other military explosive devices, fireworks and other pyrotechnic products, cartridges and smoke-generating containers, dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosives).
  • Worker tools that can be used to cause serious injury or to threaten the safety of the aircraft (including crowbars, drills and drill bits, tools with a blade or shaft greater than 6cm, such as screwdrivers and chisels, saws, blowtorches, bolt or nail guns).

In accordance with the provisions of Regulation No. 185/2010, containers with liquids, aerosols and gels, products of similar consistency (e.g. toothpaste, hair gel, beverages, soups, perfumes, shaving foam, aerosols, food spreads and other items with similar consistencies) may only be transported as carry-on baggage, provided they are carried in containers with a capacity no greater than 100 milliliters.

It is also permitted to carry on board dietary products, medicines (liquid or semi-solid) for their use, as well as the necessary medical instruments, such as syringes, for which a safety certificate of authenticity must be provided when required.

Liquids purchased at the following locations are allowed to be carried:

  • Stores at the airport of departure, located beyond the security checkpoint, points of sale subject to approved security procedures as part of the airport’s security program, provided they are packaged in a tamper-evident bag and the Passenger can prove that they were purchased at that airport on that day.
  • At points of sale located in the restricted security area, subject to approved security procedures as part of the airport’s security program.

Costa Rica Green Airways recommends reading the Regulations for more details on the current prohibitions for carry-on baggage.

Costa Rica Green Airways will deny boarding, at any time and without financial compensation, of all carry-on baggage that does not comply with the requirements established in the Regulations.


Passengers may claim their baggage as soon as Costa Rica Green Airways makes it available at the designated points at the destination airport. Unprotected baggage reclaim by the holder of the baggage check or ticket within the legally stipulated time period implies waiver of the right to make subsequent claims.

In the event that the Passenger’s luggage is lost, the Passenger authorizes Costa Rica Green Airways to conduct, directly or through a third party, the necessary investigations to locate the owner, by inspecting objects or elements existing inside or outside the luggage, duly respecting the confidential nature of the personal data obtained.

If the Passenger does not claim his baggage within 7 days of being available, Costa Rica Green Airways may charge a fee of $10 USD per day of storage. If the Passenger does not collect his/her baggage within six (6) months from the date it was placed at his/her disposal, Costa Rica Green Airways may dispose of the baggage without liability.

If a Passenger claims an item of baggage, but does not provide the corresponding baggage voucher, the item in question will only be released to the Passenger if he/she can provide proof that satisfies Costa Rica Green Airways that the item belongs to him/her. If Costa Rica Green Airways so requests, in justified cases and before the Passenger can collect his/her baggage, the Passenger must provide the financial means to cover any loss, damage or expense incurred by Costa Rica Green Airways as a result of the delivery of the baggage.

Costa Rica Green Airways has the right to prevent or deny baggage delivery to any Passenger carrying a suspicious item, or at the request of another passenger or the Costa Rican Police. In such cases, the Passenger must complete all the procedures established by law before collecting the luggage and Costa Rica Green Airways will not be liable for the delayed or denied delivery of the luggage.

If the Passenger purchases one or more Point-to-Point flights, it is the Passenger’s responsibility to allow sufficient time to collect his/her baggage from the first flight (if applicable), re-check it, pass through security and arrive at the boarding gate of the second and/or subsequent flights.


Costa Rica Green Airways will be responsible for destruction, loss or damage of baggage, up to a maximum amount of $400 per passenger. The Passenger may benefit from a higher liability limit by making a special value declaration, for which an additional charge must be paid, which will be defined at the counter once the declaration form is completed. Costa Rica Green Airways will only be liable for damages on unchecked baggage attributable to its own operation.

If checked baggage was damaged, lost, destroyed or delayed, the Passenger must immediately inform a Costa Rica Green Airways representative.

In any case, Costa Rica Green Airways will not be responsible for damages such as dents, scratches, stains and broken handles/wheels, unless: 1) it is proven that the baggage was in perfect condition before being handed to Costa Rica Green Airways, 2) the damage is specified, and 3) it is proven that the alleged damage occurred during the time Costa Rica Green Airways was responsible for the baggage.

Costa Rica Green Airways will not be liable for damage to perishable and fragile items that are transported as carry-on baggage, unless: 1) it is proven that such items were properly packed, 2) the damage is specified, and 3) it is proven that the alleged damage occurred during the time Costa Rica Green Airways was responsible for the baggage. For more information on perishable and fragile items, please consult our customer service representatives.

If the airline operating the flight is not Costa Rica Green Airways, the Passenger may file a complaint or claim with any of the airlines directly involved.


Passengers who own and wish to travel with their pet may take the animal on board with them, provided that the animal is properly insured, and the Passenger accepts responsibility for any damage caused by the animal. The maximum weight for the animal traveling is 25 pounds.

During the booking process, the Passenger may choose to hire the service to carry a pet in the aircraft cabin, the following conditions must be met:

  • Only animals such as dogs, cats, birds (except birds of prey), fish and aquatic turtles are allowed on board. Other animal families such as rodents, lagomorphs (e.g. rabbits), farm animals or animals that produce odors (ferrets) or noises that disturb the rest of the passengers or that may endanger safety on board the aircraft are prohibited.
  • The animal does not need to be in a crate if the owner considers it is not necessary. If the animal is perceived as a danger to the flight or other passengers, Costa Rica Green Airways reserves the right to refuse transporting the animal, and this will be subject to the assessment of the aircraft crew.
  • Costa Rica Green Airways has the right to refuse all animals whose special characteristics (unpleasant odor, poor health, inadequate hygiene or violent behavior) may cause distress or danger to other passengers.
  • All passengers transporting animals must always take care of them and solve any problems they may cause.
  • The Passenger must ensure that the regulations in force in Costa Rica allow the animal to be transported and enter the country in accordance with local legislation and that: 1) it meets all required hygiene standards, and 2) it has all required documentation for its ownership and transportation.
  • The Passenger will be responsible for any damage (such as fines imposed by the country of destination of the flight and others) incurred by Costa Rica Green Airways through the transport of their animal without proper documentation.
  • Only two animals are allowed on board in the cabin. The online reservation system does not offer this service to passengers who have reached the maximum number and wish to book (2).
  • Costa Rica Green Airways does not offer the service of transporting animals in the cargo hold of the aircraft.


Up to one piece of mobility equipment per disabled person or person with reduced mobility may be transported at no additional cost.