We are changing our destination within the Nicoya Peninsula, substituting Tambor.

Partnering for Environmental Preservation & Sustainability with Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers

Nestled within the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica, the Nicoya Peninsula boasts unparalleled natural beauty, drawing visitors from around the globe with its pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and diverse wildlife. It’s a sanctuary of biodiversity and a testament to the importance of environmental conservation.

Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers - Santa Teresa Beach

Costa Rica Green Airways honored to join the Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers Gold Membership

Costa Rica Green Airways is proud to announce its partnership with Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers as a Gold Member, reflecting our commitment to environmental protection and community engagement. Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers, a member of the global Waterkeeper Alliance, is dedicated to cleaning rivers, lakes, and coasts through local actions. With over 300 Waterkeeper organizations worldwide, the movement strives to ensure water suitable for swimming, drinking, and fishing everywhere.

Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers - Beach CleanUp

Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers’ Conservation Programs

Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers offers a variety of conservation programs aimed at protecting the region’s water resources and promoting sustainable development. These programs include:

  • Beach Clean-Up Initiatives: Volunteers participate in regular beach clean-up events to remove trash and debris from the coastline, helping to preserve the natural beauty of the Nicoya Peninsula’s beaches and protect marine wildlife.
  • Water Quality Monitoring: Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers conduct regular water quality monitoring to assess the health of the region’s rivers, lakes, and coastal waters. This data is used to identify pollution sources and advocate for measures to improve water quality.
  • Habitat Restoration Projects: Through habitat restoration projects, Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers work to restore degraded ecosystems and enhance biodiversity. These projects may include planting native vegetation, removing invasive species, and restoring natural habitats for wildlife.

Recycling Center - Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper

Costa Rica Green Airways’ Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability lies at the core of Costa Rica Green Airways’ operations. From investing in fuel-efficient aircraft to promoting eco-friendly practices throughout our operations, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint and promote sustainable travel. By choosing to fly with us, travelers can make a positive impact on the environment and support our efforts to protect the Nicoya Peninsula and other environmentally sensitive areas across Costa Rica.

How Travelers Can Get Involved:

Travelers who are passionate about environmental conservation can support Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers and their conservation efforts in several ways:

  • Volunteer Opportunities: Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers welcome volunteers to participate in beach clean-ups, water quality monitoring, habitat restoration projects, and other conservation activities.
  • Donations and Fundraising: Travelers can support Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers financially by making donations or participating in fundraising events. These contributions help fund conservation programs and initiatives aimed at protecting the Nicoya Peninsula’s natural resources.
  • Advocacy and Awareness: Travelers can also advocate for environmental conservation by raising awareness about the importance of protecting the Nicoya Peninsula’s water resources and supporting the work of Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers. Sharing information about conservation programs and initiatives with friends, family, and fellow travelers can help raise awareness and inspire others to get involved.

By partnering with Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers and supporting their conservation programs, Costa Rica Green Airways and travelers alike can make a positive impact on the environment and help preserve the natural beauty of the Nicoya Peninsula for future generations.

Important Change:

We are now flying to Cobano Airport (CO1), previously Tambor Airport (TMU)!

Starting November 15th, all flights previously booked to Tambor Airport will land at the new Cóbano Airport, now connecting our passengers even faster to the destinations of Montezuma, Mal País and Santa Teresa.