Embrace the outdoors and the untouched nature of the Nicoya Peninsula in the most beautiful surf, yoga and wellness beaches.

Tambor is Costa Rica Green Airways first destination. We fly to-and-back from Tambor six times a day. As part of our commitment with great customer service we can help you coordinate your next move after you land in Tambor.

We have a network of trusted drivers that can take you from Tambor Airport to your destination of choice. Keep in mind the following driving times from Tambor’s Airport:

  • Santa Teresa
  • Malpaís
  • Playa Hermosa
  • Manzanillo
  • Montezuma
Driving Time
  • 45 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 65 minutes
  • 21 minutes

You can also rent a car and pick it up in the Tambor Terminal, Budget has a rental office there but we highly recommend you make arrangements before getting to Tambor. We can also help you with this, if you needed it.

The third option upon your arrival in Tambor is to have your hotel/house arrange a car to pick you up. Most hotels/houses in the area provide this service as well.

Ok, now you’ve made it to your destination!


Things You Should Know About The Nicoya Peninsula

The Nicoya Peninsula is considered a Blue Zone, this means the average life expectancy is higher (along with other 8 places in the world only), has the world’s lowest rate of middle age mortality and second highest concentration of male centenarians. Pura vida right?

You may or may not have heard yet about the expression “Pura vida”, which means Pure life, but i you haven’t you should learn it because you will hear it a lot on your visit to Costa Rica. “Pura vida” it’s a valediction, an affirmation and a state of mind, reflecting an appreciation for the awesomeness of life. This concept “Pura vida” makes Costa Rica a perfect location for relaxing and renewing your energy.

Santa Teresa (Malpais, Hermosa, Manzanillo, Playa Carmen)

We refer to it as Santa Teresa, but if you are visiting Malpais, Hermosa, Manzanillo or Playa Carmen our recommendations hold true, given the small distance in between these locations.

The town center, heart of this area is known as “el cruce” (the crossroads) right in the limit between Playa Carmen and Malpais, here you will find all the basics, banks, drugstores, coffee shops, grocery stores, etc.

ATVs are the preferred mode of transportation for travelers on the dirt roads with many many potholes. You can rent them fairly easily as many shops on the area offer the service and have them available all year round.

You can go for long beach walks, a nice relaxing swim in the ocean (it’s warm all year round!) or enjoy activities like horseback riding with Ario Ario Tours, surfing or yoga (Pranamar).

You can enjoy the untouched beauty of the beaches in the area, surrounded by the 3000 acre Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, but it comes with a price- It is wild in Santa Teresa. But that’s part of the appeal—you may very well spot howler and white face monkeys, iguanas and other vocal critters while sitting comfortably in a hammock or walking around.

Actually, yoga is great compliment to surfing- because you are training the hazy mind while stretching and strengthening your muscles, including the ones used to ride the waves.

Santa Teresa has excellent options for yoga. Many hotels/resorts in the area offer packages that combine surf lessons and equipment rental with yoga classes.

In Malpais, from its small fishing port you can embark on a tour by boat to go snorkeling or fishing. You can go stand up paddle boarding, kayaking or ziplining on the canopy tour next to the Cabo Blanco Reserve (which if you are passionate about nature, it’s also a must during your visit).

You can also explore nearby attractions as the waterfalls in Montezuma, or make a boat and snorkeling tour to the Tortuga Island.

Food is also something to look forward too when you visit the area. The magical atmosphere in Santa Teresa has attracted people from all over the world, who came to visit, fell in love with the place and decided to stay. They have elevated the culinary scene with an amazing combination of culture and good healthy ingredients that will be definitely be a highlight of your trip.

For breakfast/brunch you can’t miss the French hot spot The Bakery and the healthy Cafe Social (order La Pochy, yaasss!!). For lunch, you have to go to Chop It for a fantastic Burger or Salad (all made with the most wonderful organic and fresh ingredients). Also for lunch/dinner Product C is a must for local craft beers, superior super-fresh fish (in the form of addictive tacos, ceviche, and surfer bowls), and cool, friendly, tatted staff. And for fine dining dinner at Kojis will blow your mind with the most amazing fresh sushi of your life.

Things To Do

Hacienda Arío provides a unique experience you can’t miss while in Santa Teresa. 100% recommended.

Hacienda Arío is a working, family-owned ranch that encompasses 1924 ha (almost 5000 acres) on the Pacific coast in the heart of the Nicoya Peninsula. It is a magical place where the Guanacaste saba- nero culture is still a way of life. Hacienda Arío has been working for over a decade to create a model for sustainable development where rural, healthy living and horses are a integral and essential part of life.

Share an unforgettable experience riding on a deserted beach and through spectacular natural landscapes of rivers, mountains and forest accompanied by a local cowboy and a bilingual nature guide.
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With over 300 gorgeous sandy beaches, year-round warm water, steady winds, and consistent swells, Costa Rica is a surfing mecca and one of the best places in the world for learning surf all year long. The beaches of Malpais, Montezuma, Playa Hermosa and Santa Teresa host some of the best surf spots in Costa Rica with reliable surfing waves and a laid-back vibe. Visitors fall in love with Santa Teresa vibe that many decide to stay and never leave and end up building their dream vacation home in the hills.

No worries if you never been surfing because you can start with a boogie board and take a surf lesson with qualified instructors. Also you will be able to rent surfboards all over the coast and choose the best waves on your own, and if surfing doesn’t appeal to you, try Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) instead, or just chill under the sunset with sandy feet.

Chilling at the beach

Santa Teresa Beach offer the perfect setting to chill out!! This place is the ideal to unwind and forget about the stress you are subject to at work, with your studies or in your personal relationships. You’ll love to see people surfing the good waves, people walking with their dogs at the beach, families sharing the good vibe and spreading their love and enjoying the best experiences that you can have in the happiest country in the world.

Grab some sunscreen, pack some drinks and snacks, and enjoy.

There are several beautiful beaches to choose from in the area: Playa Santa Teresa, Playa Carmen, Playa Montezuma, Piedra Colorada, Playa Hermosa, Playa Suecos, Playa Cabuya, Las Delicias and Playa Manzanillo, please don’t forget to stop by the tide pools at Playa Hermosa.

Practice Yoga

Taking your practice to the beach can help you challenge yourself, protect your body, deepen your poses, feel better about life and even recover faster practicing Yoga allows one to have better control over your mind and body. Share the balance of your soul with the best yoga instructors at the most luxury and ecological yoga studios.

Some of the best studios and retreats in are at Flor Blanca Resort, Pranamar Yoga Retreat and Horizon Yoga Center, Latitud 10, and Nantipa.

Watch the sunset!

One of the most magnificent times to head outdoors is right when the sun is about to sleep, turning the sky beautiful hues of orange, red, yellow, pink and purple as the sun dips beneath the waves.

You can see the sunset in a variety of ways: while running, walking, biking or simply observing. Just bring a blanket to sit on and a beer to sip on.

Commune with Nature

It’s important to commune with nature. We humans forget about this sometimes. Many people find themselves drawn out into the wilderness, or at least semi- wilderness, just to be surrounded by trees and ocean for a little while. We’d rather be cuddled under a blanket in front of the television than we would against a nice sturdy tree in the forest. Yet sometimes we need to get back into nature. Feeling the grass under your toes, the sand in your feet and the fresh air on your skin are the most beautiful sensations in the world.

The tranquility rainforests and tropical beaches incarnate a perfect setting for that.

Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve is one of the oldest nature reserves in Costa Rica and is a spectacular place to visit; encompasses 1,270 hectares of mixed forest which is classified as moist tropical forest. Around 150 species of trees have been identified. You need to connect with this environment, come share your knowledge in plants and animals and enjoy the country that has 7% of the world’s biodiversity.

Any time you disconnect yourself from the routine, the concrete, the traffic, the phone, technology, noise and connect with the natural energy and vibe from our rainforest you will feel like a brand new soul ready to share love, peace, joy and the good vibe.

Don’t miss this beautiful reserve when staying in the Santa Teresa, don’t also forget to recycle, reject, and reuse the plastic, so we can have a better world for your next visit!

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