When you are looking for flights to Costa Rica you might wonder about the best airlines and safest aircraft flown in the tropics. So, we want to tell you why Costa Rica Green Airways is positioned to be the safest airline to fly within Costa Rica.

With more than 30 years of flying in Costa Rica, Central and South America, experience has led us to picking twin engine aircraft as the best, safest and most reliable type of aircraft for the tropics. So, as we began our plan for launching Costa Rica Green Airways (3 years ago) we decided, we would make sure to provide the best flying experience in the market using exclusively twin-engine aircrafts.

Flying in paradise comes with a price, tropical climate. This means we have eight months of rainy conditions, that require our pilots and aircrafts to be in top condition, in terms of training, maintenance and to be equipped for instrument flying conditions.

Since Costa Rica is a small country, flights are usually short (in between 25 minutes- 1 hour). But even with short distances microclimates can have an impact in the quick change of climate conditions (things can change a lot in less than 10 nautical miles). For this reason, having two engine (twin engine) aircraft when flying in clouds is required by Costa Rica Green Airways safety department.

The origin on these microclimates comes hand to hand with location. All this beautiful green foliage and diversity in Costa Rica comes from our vicinity to the Ecuator; which means we have tropical weather just like Africa, Indonesia, Micronessia and some other countries that are hot touristic attractions. All these countries have also applied the same regulatory precautions as Costa Rica Green Airways safety department, requiring small airlines to have twin engine fleets to ensure the safety.

Next time you are flying in Costa Rica make sure you ask about the type of plane (and number of engines) you will be flying in, that way you will know you are making the best choice for you and your loved ones.

See you in the air!

Capt. Everardo Carmona

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