Sustainable flights really?, but what does the concept really mean anyway? Let’s explore the Green Commitment Costa Rica Green Airways has declared as they launch the country’s newest domestic airline offering flights this fall.

In browsing through the Green Airways website, you will notice the Sustainable Green Commitment  section in which the airline announces their dedication to environmental conservation. What exactly does this concept mean, and how can we explore the truth behind the matter? I went straight to the source to find out exactly how this innovative airline plans to protect Costa Rica’s natural treasures. Costa Rica Green Airway’s CEO Everardo Carmona explained to me in great detail what inspires his mission to protect the Rich Coast (Costa Rica in English), and how they plan to execute this ambitious task.

Costa Rica Green Airways was developed based on a deeply rooted family passion for environmental preservation, and sharing a top-notch travel experience with customers. Captain Everardo Carmona, who goes by Eve, and his father Captain Everardo Carmona SR, are both pilots committed to leaving a positive impact on the world. They want lead their community by example, and influence others to live mindfully and responsibly.

The father-son Carmona pilot duo are spreading the word about their socially conscious, environmentally friendly outlook on life and business. This movement begins with the core team at Costa Rica Green Airways, and will trickle down into the communities to whom the airline will provide service. Ultimately, the Sustainable Commitment of Green Airways will be integrated into the lives of the many tourists that explore Costa Rica with this airlines.

The airline is planning key initiatives to make these intentions a reality, starting with a three-pronged strategy to determine the actions that will make the strongest impact on Costa Rica’s social, economical and environmental areas.

Green Airway’s Sustainable Actions Include:

  • First, a Carbon Positive plan is on the works for 2019, there are legal entities in Costa Rica such as Earth and Inteco that are able to certify that an operation is truly carbon positive, so these is legit. Carbon positive means that an activity goes beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions to actually create an environmental benefit by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
  • Second, Captain Eve described an exciting project that will help passengers contribute to the cause as well. For each passenger on any Costa Rica Green Airways flight, an endemic species of tree will be planted to conserve the rainforests.  In fact, passengers will have the option to plant their very on their own upon arrival. Imagine, if 12.000 passengers fly with Green Airways annually, Costa Rica will gain 12,000 trees each year!
  • And in third place an ongoing collaboration with various environmental protection non-profits will implement an eco-conscious lifestyle. These partnerships will include Operation Rich Coast, Macaw conservation efforts, and the reuse of aviation by-products such as oil.

The Sustainable Green Commitment of this airlines not only means that I like the company, but that passengers can make a difference as well. Nina Ornstein, founder of The Paradise Story, is a travel coordinator and long time friend of the Carmona family. In speaking with Nina, she was able to confirm that the “think globally, act locally” philosophy truly encourages her travel groups to become educated on sustainable practices, both at home and while seeing the world. Being a part of something bigger and better has a magnificent way of shaping a vacation into a life-changing experience. Leading by example, and offering an opportunity to give-back, is exactly how change is made. Nina hopes that the Carmona’s grassroots philanthropic concept can influence other tourism professionals to share their passion to protect the environment, their communities and the future.

The saying goes, change starts from within, so I applaud the ambition of Costa Rica Green Airways to build their airline based on these sustainable core-values. Nothing feels better than supporting a socially-conscious business with an intention of preserving the environment and communities for future generations to enjoy.

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