Why we chose the Twin Otter for our fleet of Costa Rica Green Airways

The Twin Otter is the perfect aircraft to fly in the tropical climate of Costa Rica. The safety department of Costa Rica Green Airways, after extensive research on the subject, chose it as the ideal aircraft for the tropical climate and the airport infrastructure of Costa Rica.

Today we want to share the story of the Twin Otter.

The Twin Otter is a powerful utility aircraft developed by the Canadian company De Havilland, considered the most successful aeronautical program in Canada. The Havilland Canada company had been looking for a replacement for the single-engine Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter. Two engines not only provided greater safety but also increased the load capacity, maintaining their capacity for takeoffs and landings on short runways.

The first flight was made in May 20, 1965, becoming a successful utility aircraft, designed to operate on short courses, has demonstrated its great versatility and ability to comfortably transport 19 passengers and two pilots.

Equipped with two turboprop engines, which makes it very efficient, reliable and a top performer, ideal for tropical climates such as Costa Rica.

It remains the best-selling regional light aircraft and is considered one of the 10 best aircraft built in the history of aviation.

Operators around the world use it for their great performance when using short landing fields that require best execution, in Africa, Asia, Antarctica, and can subject the Twin Otter to the most extreme climates, that for its versatility and reliability its shown its great power to comfortably transport passengers without having to leave cargo and baggage behind.

Feel safe and fly the Twin Otter experience that Costa Rica Green Airways will be operating to Tambor in no time.

See you on the air!

Captain Everardo Carmona

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